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Built on ideas, fueled by inspiration

Perhaps this page could have been more accurately titled "About Us" but we want to make a point. Dub Method exists primarily for the sake of building your brand and enhancing your visual image. The ultimate goal of every project is to deliver a solution that distinguishes you from your competitors, makes you more efficient and, of course, benefits your bottom line.
So enough "about you", let's talk "about us".
Dub Method, a high-end creative agency, specializes in developing brand strategies, and applying them to marketing and communication components across a variety of media. With decades of combined industry experience, Dub Method Design Consultancy has a unique depth and range of expertise.
Dub Method has worked for a wide variety of industries ranging from PR, real estate, technology, legal, not-for-profit, fashion and jewelry, heath care, finance, product manufacturers, and more.
Brand Method
Infused with an incessant love of branding and visual communication, our mission is to be an active force in the development of successful, world-class brands.
More about branding.
Web Method
Dub Method prides itself in possessing the talent, experience and technical tools to create online applications that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.
Mobile Method
Dub Method understands the impact that mobile devices has made and will continue to make, and recognizes the importance of utilizing this platform as a valuable tool for reaching your audience.
Eli Clevs
From Chicago. Interprets ideas into images. Transforms vision into visuals. Does impersonations (he thinks are really good). Eli is an expert at producing stunning printed material that makes an impact.
Yoel Bender
From Saint Louis. An artist with paint and pixels. Loves details. Talks to himself frequently. Extraordinary designer. Yoel excels at applying branding to digital and interactive media. A web designer's designer.